I am Ton, and I still remember the first time I heard my daughter laughing.

It was in the evening. I was bathing her before putting her to sleep. And suddenly, I heard a giggle. Dumbfounded and smiling, I wonder what I did to make her laugh, did I tickle her? Did I make a silly face?

You won’t guess what happened- my daughter was holding with her hands a tiny, translucid and colorful sphere from which some intriguing little voices came.

The first thing I did was to ignore it-was it my lack of sleep driving me crazy? But then, five endearing chubby beings appeared before us.

The loving and blue Sha approached my daughter jumping with her spring-legs and ask her to stop squeezing their planet, but obviously the baby didn’t pay any attention.

I explained to Sha that babies can’t talk – how comes? Said Opo nervously – and what can we do now? Aca was thinking, while Bow was calming little Tok who already had teary eyes.

As I didn’t want to hear one more cry, I acted fast. I offered my daughter my little finger and she released the sphere. Wawaland was free! That was the name of their planet.


The wawies live in Wawaland, with our magical powers
we will help the children to build a better world.

Pruebas Opo